Top 100 2021 WA Good Food Guide Awards

✨💫We’re so pleased to be a Top 100 finalist in this year’s WA Good Food Guide Awards!

Look closely at the artwork background … August September season 2nd Rain…. And read on….

Thank you so much for sharing this initiative with us. We love this story very much; we owe so much here, and this is our way of ‘paying the rent’ for the vines (wine), grains (beer) and food we celebrate in our venues every day.

The WA Food Guide Top 100 finalist tile art was created by the Challis Children at Challis Primary School in Armadale. The paintings represent family and community and as such, are a fitting link for the hospitality community WAGFG aims to foster.

Over 700 students contributed to this artwork, each painting their family within the season they were born; this piece is representative of the Six Noongar Seasons.

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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we are on, the Wadandi People, and their elders, past, present and emerging. We are committed to honouring the First Nations People’s unique cultural and spiritual relationship with the land and waters, and their rich contribution to the community and our society.