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Turnstyle formed in Perth Australia in January 1995 and released their first self titled cassette in September of the same year. After some time off the following year, the band reconvened and began a prolific run of releases starting with Itcheekneesonchee in January 1997 followed by, Seasides in November of the same year.

Turnstyle supported many international bands in Perth (even  Neil Diamond ), and in 1998 toured the country nationall y.

In May 1999, they released the single, "Spray Water on the Stereo", and again toured the country. "Spray Water on the Stereo" made No. 16 on the ARIAsingles charts and made it to No. 94 on Triple J's Hottest 100in 1999. The band picked up six West Australian Music Industry (WAMi) Awards.

In 2000 the band released a compilation album of early recordings (1996–2000) and B-sides, Geek Party, which was followed by their second studio album, Turnstyle Corporation in October 2001.  They supported many local and international acts including  Guided by Voices ,  Trans Am ,  They Might Be Giants ,  Yo La Tengo ,  Ben Lee ,  Bikini Kill ,  Regurgitator ,  Custard  and Magic Dirt and played the 2000 Big Day Out to several thousand onlookers.

Turnstyle went on hiatus in 2002 and  reformed for a one off show in 2010. They played again in 2013 and announced that the reunion was permanent.

In December 2015 the band released Time Equals Function, an album of new material produced by  the band's leader Adem K and mixed in London by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab.The album met with positive reviews and a sold out CD pressing. In December, 2018 Turnstyle released Happy Factories, their 4th full length album of new material. Entirely recorded and produced by Adem K, the album's mixing was outsourced but all other production remained in house due to a very low budget. The album features vocals by Pavement's Bob Nastanovich on one song. The album was featured on RTRFM and has already garnered excellent reviews on Triple J Unearthed and the bands own Bandcamp page.