Triangle Fight

Saturday 13th October, 9:30pm. Free Entry

With Special Guests: FLYBALL GOV'NOR

Experimental party-rock band from Perth, TRIANGLE FIGHT, have just unfettered their new album 'THE BLOOD GIANT: A TEMPORAL CANTATA', which melds elements of hard rock, pop, reggae and juicy beats into their signature bouncy sound. Paulo's incredible vocal range rockets over a driving and danceable score, transforming the intimate, harrowing subject matter of this dense concept project into an up-lifting oeuvre with serious mainstream appeal.

Begat by brothers Paulo and Martin Gonzalez in 2012, TRIANGLE FIGHT have released now 3 albums to date and have a tranche of excellent DIY film clips, including the accompanying BLOOD GIANT short film, made by Paulo and due for release in September of 2018. The band contains a wealth of design and film-making talent, with Sofia Varano (the drummer) providing the exceptional aesthetic throughout the artwork, as well as producing the magic formula for feet leaving floor with her lively and energetic playing.

Vocalist Paulo smashes out hooks like a soul singer trapped in the pit at an RX Bandits gig. Coupling fierce telecaster guitar tone with his irrepressible energy on stage, he fronts a live show that makes a dancefloor dangerous. His brother Martin lays a fat shelf with his dynamic, tone-perfect 6 string bass playing; ornamental, but not like mum's koi pond - with bottom-B tone deeper than the Marianas Trench providing a rich source of groove to the flickering riffs and licks scattered throughout. Completing this virtuosic alliance is effortless shredder Daniel SIlvestri, who adds the class and sparkle to Paulo's relentless squalling rhythm.