Toby (WA)

Saturday 12th August, 9pm. Free Entry

Perth local Toby Beard doesn't feel so local these days.

The singer/songwriter has spent more time touring the globe lately, so it's a rare, but special occasion to catch her in her hometown.

Playing at major festivals and headlining her own shows all over the place, Toby Beard's music is certainly getting out there.

But fans are always waiting in anticipation for her return. The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland got their ears wrapped around her latest six-track EP Fall Into Me in the flesh before WA.

Toby spent three months in Europe with her wife Amy and two children, Toby perfomed 36 shows throughout five countries to show off the new release. Perth had their turn at the SOLD OUT EP launch at the Fly By Night in Freo.

To create her masterpiece, Toby teamed up with Eskimo Joe's Joel Quartermain to record and produce half of the EP.

Quartermain also plays drums, bass, keys and electric guitar. The other half was recorded by Rada Studio's Matt Gio, also playing drums and bass on the tracks.

"Working with Joel Quartermain is always amazing. He is such a creative soul and belongs in the studio.

Matt and I gelled instantly too, and I am stoked with the end product"

Toby's shows are always impressive. Big band, big sound and big surprises. Renowned for her energetic, raw and charismatic stage presence, Toby uses her voice, songwriting and guitar skills to magically weave together roots, rock and reggae.

In-between yet again another Euro tour and a quick tour of USA and Canada, Toby will be playing at her favourite DS venue SETTLERS TAVERN .... so come and welcome her home - SATURDAY 12th AUGUST @ 9pm. Sunday 13th AUGUST @ 3pm on the Verandah.