Tijuana Cartel

Tijuana Cartel (QLD)

Thursday 3rd November, 9pm

As the corner stone of Australia's 'east meets west' electronic scene, Tijuana Cartel have a knack for blending layers of rich, intricate atmospheric soundscapes with laid back rhythms and luscious vocals to form an electronic beats tapestry that will cut through to your very soul.

Simply, there isn't another band doing what they do. Having spent the last decade mixing in influences that haven't been fused in the past, their penchant is for Middle Eastern scales, beats that get a floor moving and a general Psychedelic approach in song structure and ethos. Not married to one genre or another, they happily change direction in search of new flavors and inspiration, whenever the moment takes them there.

Bound together by their mutual love of instrumental, Trippy and mind-expanding music, Paul George and Carey O'Sullivan are a truly formidable force.  With shared early memories of hearing tubular bells and falling for the musical escapism they created, they have emerged as one of the country's most exciting acts and it would appear that their legion of fans whole heartedly approve.

For Paul his commitment to a life in music was spawned at 12 when he saw Beatles cover band 'The Beatnix' perform. It was at that moment he knew music was what he wanted to do with his life - to make as much beautiful noise as he could. He avidly listened to Led Zepplin, along with early Pink Floyd before moving into a Grunge phase which soon melded with Trip Hop acts like the Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. It was not long after, that his musical tastes took a step into obscurity with him seeking out traditional Indian and Spanish music. South American duo 'Strunts and Farah' proving a real influence on his guitar playing direction.

Carey paved his early musical path during High School when he started making music. After his cousin gave him Jean Michelle Jarre's album 'Oxygene', his route down the electronic vein began - though he always found a little time for some very heavy metal. However, when he came across the Propeller Heads, Prodigy and Groove Armada, there was a real turning point. A few years later he discovered his taste for obscure Glitch Hop and electronica producers, who have also subtly influenced his studio work.

Once the two joined their talents in the late 90's, they began carting around a guitar and a desk top computer they fashioned into a camera case. Carey played beats, while Paul played Guitar over the top. Starting off in cafes around the Gold Coast, as word spread it quickly built up to seven shows a week. As things developed they began experimenting with their sets to build up to crescendo of dance floor action. They began incorporating MC's, turntables, fire dancers and other elements to get a party started. If it seemed more like a party than a job, that's probably because it was!

Eventually came the point that they needed to step it up a notch so they decided to get down their ideas in the studio.

Over the years, contribution to the recordings and arrangement of the Tijuana Cartel sound has always been a joint collaboration between Paul and Carey, with Paul also inputting the vocals and guitar and Carey contributing Guitar and Synth.

Under the Tijuana Cartel moniker, they released their 'Frequent fliers' album in 2005. Not only did the release firmly put them on the musical map as producers, it sparked the beginning of their national touring schedule. Following on, they released 'They Come' in 2008, once again followed by extensive touring, so much so that due to time constraints they were only able to complete an EP titled 'white dove' for release in 2010 - still the fans ate it up without any fuss. They then managed a further LP titled 'M1' in 2011.

Aside from Tijuana Cartel, Paul and Carey also head up Audio Shaman and George & O'Sullivan. As Audio Shaman, the duo released 'Welcome Traveller' Album in 2004, 'Cityzen' album in 2010 and as George & O'sullivan they also released the 'Myxamatosis' album in 2010.  To say that they are productive in the studio is a massive understatement.

On stage is where Tijuana Cartel's collective musical spirit is really given the chance to run wild.  Joined by Yoav Mashiach on Percussion and Joshua Sinclair on Trumpet, they extensively tour Australia stopping off at all of the major cities regularly, as well as small towns and the most loved festivals including Peats Ridge, Rainbow Serpent, Wave Rock, Splendour In The Grass, Byron Bay Blues and roots, Falls, Shine On, Good Vibrations, Surry Hills Festival and Lane Way amongst others. They also tour across Europe and USA when the stars align.

"We mix a lot of styles into our music. We've spent a lot of time honing the sounds into a set that transitions smoothly and seamlessly. We used to be fairly random and simply jammed, but as the years passed we found it more interesting to create a kind of musical movement for the shows."

Media attention has always followed Paul and Carey, with Tijuana Cartel in particularly proving to be the right kind of magic for the likes of Triple J, The West Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Scene, beat and reverb, recognizing the lads for the music aperture they fill in our local scene.

The group is currently preparing for the release of their new album '24 Bit Guitar Orchestra' out through MGM in September 2014, as well as a long string of dates across the country. They are also planning a festival Named 'Gilgamesh' for early March outside Byron Bay, then from there, they have plans for more global touring, possibly even a rock-opera!