The Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers (WA)

Friday 28th July, 9pm. Free Entry

The Grasshoppers are a fremantle based band that have been operating for the last eight years often traveling along the coast of WA north and south to perform.

The bands genre covers much loved Reggae which the bands excels in. Rock Rhythm and blues are a built in talent of the trio and takes little or no time getting stuck into creating new stuff. The last album produced in 2013 "TAKING YOU HOME TONIGHT" has sold over 1600 copies so far at live venues and is still doing good and catching those first timers with a surprise.,especially with the energy created as a 3 peice.

We will be doing some songs from the upcoming Album and some from the last one too and hope to get the crowd pumping SilvaDee Singer, Song Writer, front man and founder of the band is presently in recording mode doing a Solo Album which will be due for release late this year or early 2018

"I am stoked with the Sales of the last Album and when asked when the next Album is going to be out it gives me a sense of motivation and a warm feeling of joy knowing my music is an inspiration to soo many.I never started out to hear this outcome and feel this amount of contentment. I am humbled by it"

SilveDee is weathering  a change in line up with the intent of playing alot more originals and this time has brought along Legendry John Wilson on Bass well know in Freo and the music industry in WA as a steady and grove player with a colourfull feel.

Andrew Smith on drums. Andrew has been around a while and has played with quite a few bands and still plays with The Suntones .All drummers are different and Andy has a good strong energy, steady and does the job asked of from him.

This line up is going to be a good experiment as there is excitement in the band playing at Settlers which always pumps.

The Grasshoppers were down two years ago and had an awesome time. One thing is for sure..The Grasshoppers will rock u till the end of time.!!.