The Milkmen


Saturday 23rd June, 9:30pm. Free Entry

Formed and based in Perth, The Milkmen have divided their time between Australia and the UK. Debuting in 2009 with their Always Deliver EP, the band were the product of mateship and a mutual love of music. By the time of their first album, 2010's The Man With The Plan, The Milkmen had confidently defined their own sound, incorporating great ideas from a huge spectrum of genres and honing them into an explosive concoction that takes the gentleness of acoustic music and delivers it with the force of stadium rock.

Now armed with the greatest work of their career, The Milkmen have every cause to get out and take their music to the world. Beginning on their own doorstep, the band launched Behind Closed Eyelids kicking off a 12 month cycle of touring. Having experienced both the intimacy of small clubs and the electrifying rush of performing festivals to thousands of people, The Milkmen are poised to take everything in their stride and embrace each new opportunity. With this tenacity – not to mention a setlist of blistering new tunes – the potential for this unique band is literally endless.