The Komichi Alliance


Saturday 24th February, 9:30pm. Free Entry

The Komichi Alliance was formed in 2012 with one purpose, to develop the Devastationroots sound created by front man Josiah Komichi a Zimbabwean native. After having the privilege of spending time with and learning a few tricks from the late Sam Mtukudzi, the son of African legend Oliver Mtukudzi. The move from Zimbabwe to Australia with its change of Life style presented a radical change in creative outlook for Josiah laying down the foundations of the Devastationroots state of being. Add in some of the best musicians in Perth and you have one serious vibe going.

If there is a simplistic way to describe the vibe that the Komichi Alliance lay down, it could be likened to the place where Jimi Hendrix meets Bob Marley to create an African tribal aggression. A Rapid chill underpinned not only by the huge range of Zimbabwean rhythms but a dynamic integration of the musical landscape across the African continent. Highlife, Afro beat, Lingala, reggae, funk and the blues mixed in and baked into that kind of cake you need more than just a little taste of!

Fresh from releasing their first single for 2018 "These Summer Days". The band is currently working on completing the Devastationroots EP which should be ready in the next few months. The band is currently performing in and around Perth in venues that include Indi Bar, The Sewing Room, Mojos, The Bird and Rodney's among others, performing alongside acts like The Bambuseae Rhythm Section , Pimps of Sound and Shangara Jive.