Ten Cent Shooters

Ten Cent Shooters (WA)

Sunday 3rd September, 3:30pm. Free Entry

The Ten Cent Shooters are one of Western Australia's longest established and most popular blues bands. The band comprises Peter Woodward (guitar, vocals, foot), Scott Wise ( vocals, mandolin, slide guitar and harmonica), and Sean Diggins (slap-style double bass, vocals) and is known for its high energy presentation of early country blues tunes.

The band tries to remain faithful to the style of the early blues players but has a unique sound that is popular with people of all ages and backgrounds as evidenced by strong CD sales, frequent airplay on ABC and public radio, and great crowd response at live gigs.

The Shooters always talk a lot about the history and personalities of the early blues and can play quiet and intimate acoustic concert sets to select small audiences.

On the other hand if you have a crowd who wants to dance and have the room and sound system, the Shooters can make the earth shake! Legendary Australian bluesman Phil Manning at a recent festival described the band as "the most powerful acoustic band I've ever heard."

The Shooters have featured at many major music festivals around Australia. They are annual favourites at Festivals: Blues at Bridgetown in WA, and have played at Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival in Canberra, Goulburn Blues Festival, Sydney's Basement amongst many others.

Scott has been playing country blues since 1968 and with Peter since 1979. That's about as long as it took the country blues to evolve into rock 'n roll. They still play country blues but these old guys really rock!