Stu Harcourt

Stu Harcourt (VIC)

Thursday 24th November, 8.30pm. Free entry

Stu Harcourt has been dedicated to live performance and production throughout his 20 year music career. In addition to producing 6 solo EPs/albums,his latest album "elements" was recorded at LAFX North Hollywood where legend Eddie Kramer re mixes Hendrix tunes. He has performed in a variety of venues from festivals to pubs, and clubs throughout Australia, Canada and Europe receiving local air play on these continents. Stu's unique vocal ability, compelling lyrics and earthy, acoustic grooves continue to delight audiences around the world.

Stu has received strong reviews and is proven crowd pleaser, having constantly worked in Australia's ever growing music scene, proving time and again that he can draw a crowd and keep them coming back for more...