Moorditj Brothers

Moorditj Brothers (WA)

Saturday 25th March, 9pm. Free entry

Guitar driven acoustic roots guitar with pumping didge and drum

Moorditj: "Solid, good or great" in Noongar.

Brothers: One related or closely united to another by some common tie or interest.

3 friends from Rockingham form the super group Moorditj Brothers. Aiden Varro and Jay Gresham started the project in 2012 as a couple of mates jamming together and playing a few gigs. The boys took a break with Aiden focusing on his solo work and Jay touring with brother Matt Gresham but are now back with Tim Watkins (of Perth bands Yalla Yalla and Something Humble) added to the lineup on drums.

With all members coming from different bands and genres they have come together to perform what they like to call 'didge drum dance' music. Drawing influences from Xavier Rudd and John Butler the band creates a unique melting pot of pumping didge, drum instrumentals and acoustic roots guitar with Spanish and Reggae influences.

The boys like to improvise a lot on stage so you never know what to expect from a live show, but dancing is guaranteed!