Michael Triscari

Michael Triscari (WA)

Thursday 17th November, 8:30pm. Free entry

Margaret River based musician Michael Triscari, affectionately known as "Tricky' to his mates, is a 22 year old surfer with an intimate connection to the water and an in built respect to the environment around him. His passion for the ocean spills through into his music, taking you on a journey along the coastline of Australia.

His natural ability to connect with people, both on and off the stage, puts his audience at ease and has them magnetised by the positive energy and obvious love and passion Tricky expels from the stage at each performance. With a recent National Album release tour , support of many artist such as OKA, Band of Frequencys, Caravana Sun and a recent performance at the 2016 byron bay Bluesfest, This young musician is taking storm around the coastal towns of Australia and is not to be mised!!!!

Debut Album "Wateman" out now!