Melody Pool & Peter Bibby

Melody Pool (VIC) & Peter Bibby (WA)

Thursday 27th October, 8:30pm. Free entry

Following the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album "Deep Dark Savage Heart" Melody Pool polished off a National Australian tour playing to audiences engrossed by her lyrical prowess and fascinated by her melodic majesty across the country. After a short hiatus, Melody Pool is back on the road for a huge string of dates across Australia along with Peter Bibby to bring audiences an evening of music that makes no apologies and tells it like it is.

After spending the last 2 years touring his debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician, Peter Bibby now finds himself with a new collection of self-indulgent songs about girls, chairs, and all the other emotional crash-bangs of a twenty-something year old Australian tramp.

Peter Bibby has toured the world to showcase his folk-ballads about cigarettes at train stations, hypochondria and sleepovers. He has been described as 'a naughty bastard with a heart of gold and a voice of rotting grapes' as well as 'a sweet cup of sauce'. His ability to perform under the influence of enough alcohol to kill a rhino is admirable, yet terrifying.

The two make for a serendipitous yet cognate musical pairing. Offering up the kinds of lyrics you'll want to lean forward and pay attention to.