Marisa & Mark


Thursday 14th March, 8:30pm. Free Entry

Bridgetown local duo Marisa & Mark have been super busy gigging since arriving in the town in April 2017.

MARISA DE VATTIMO: sultry vocals and dynamic vocal range can be heard in English, Japanese, Italian and even Portuguese.

MARK DE VATTIMO: 20+ years of live and recorded as well as teaching hard rock, metal, blues, jazz, guitar weirdness.

If anyone was going to combine Jazz, Blues, and Rock, these two have it going on. An eclectic mix of super cool originals with some creative covers sprinkled in will open the ears of the most discerning listeners.

Marisa & Mark are currently writing a debut album (due late 2019/early 2020) flavors of jazzy blues, Americana folk and rock fusion building a brand and new band - The MMDV Band.

The latest crossing of refined vocal music combined with guitar grunt and groove.