Kallidad (NSW)

Friday 13th October, 9pm.

Friday the 13th of 2017- Kallidad at Settlers Tavern!

Feeling fired up from a four month European tour, the three amigos will return to one of their favourite stomping grounds. As well as hosting several memorable Kallidad concerts, the Margaret River region has been host to Kallidad photo shoots, video clips, songwriting sessions and fantastic adventures! As everybody knows, Settlers is a brilliant venue and it promises to be a great night!

The group's infamous "Day of the Dead" facepaint has become notorious around Australia and the world, as Kallidad has toured Asia and Europe multiple times, together with many laps of Australia.

Kallidad combines flamenco, metal, rock and many other styles of music into an intoxicating instrumental mix which is tribal and powerful. The group is returning to Australia following a four month European tour presenting their brand new album "The Odyssey" which is available both as a CD, and as a hardcover 44 page book (plus CD.) New songs include "Senorita Margarita," "Big Bill's Blues," "The Odyssey" and "The Strasbourg March." The new music covers some familiar territory, and some brand new sounds!