Jazztrix (WA)

Sunday 29th January, 3:30pm. Free entry

Jazztrix are set to swing the Settler's Tavern 'Live on the Verandah' Sunday session, for the band's ten-year anniversary comeback gig.

"It's a whole ten years since we played our first Jazztrix gig - which was at Settler's Tavern" said band founder, and trumpet player David Rastrick.

After their debut gig at Settlers Tavern in July 2007, Jazztrix went on to play at weddings and festivals around the region, and to achieve the honour of opening the annual Leeuwin Concert for artists such as Carole King, Diana Krall, James Morrison, Roxy Music, Boz Scaggs, Michael MacDonald, Chris Isaaks, The Perth Symphony Orchestra and this year James Taylor, with their eight piece band.

"The thing is, we play both types of music - classic jazz, and all sorts of weird jazz," said Rastrick. "We pick what's going to suit the venue and crowd, and blend in like musical chameleons," he continued.  "We've played swing, blues, Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova, Jazz-Rock, Jazz-Reggae, Soul-Jazz, ballads, funk and more, and will definitely lean towards the bluesy, funky, reggae-y side for the Settlers show."

Jazztrix founder, versatile trumpet player, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist David Rastrick, is well known throughout the South West for his trumpet playing, song writing, and dedicated musicianship, and community environmental activism.  Rastrick is joined in Jazztrix by international-local legend guitarist Kevin McDonald, plus the band's original rhythm section, bassist Todd Brittain and one the one-and-only Gary Larkin. Rastrick met Brittain and Larkin when playing in local bands such 'Southern Soul Collective' and 'Doxy' and, with their encouragement, decided to form a jazz band.

"I've played in bands my whole working life, and played lots of jazz, yet had never had my own jazz band," said Rastrick. "I was in Margaret River, playing music with Lunar Circus, in a restaurant duo, and busking to get by. Things quieted down, and I thought I may as well do it!" Rastrick continued: "Now Jazztrix has been my longest running band, and there's another line-up of the band in the Great Southern; after ten years, it seems like a ripe time to celebrate at the place it all began, Settler's Tavern."

As a special ten-year thank-you to the community for their support, Jazztrix will send free ten-year anniversary MP3 recordings of their 2007 debut gig to anyone who joins their email list.

Jazztrix can be heard live on the verandah at Settler's Tavern from 3:30-6:30pm on Sunday 29th of January 2017.