Death By Denim


Friday 12th January, 9pm. Free Entry

After forming in mid-2016, Death By Denim have been creating a hearty buzz around Perth with their high energy live shows and infectious blend of rock/Rnb/rap/pop.

Their debut EP 'Suburban Royalty' showcased the popular style that has allowed them to pack out major Perth live music venues (Jack Rabbits Slims, Rosemount Hotel, Indi Bar, Mojos Bar Fremantle, Amplifier Capitol, El Grotto, Mr Lonely) and land a spot on the Southbound 2016 main stage.

"Tattoo" is the first recorded single since the EP. It demonstrates a melodic evolution in the band's sound as they continue to explore their potential, whilst staying true to their original elements and influences.

"(Death by Denim) have it all: an eye-catching name, luscious locks and attire to match, and a variety of styles to mess around with, making for a highly enjoyable experience." - Lost Magazine

"Casually handsome Deathy By Denim…didn't disappoint musically as they strutted their way through an apprently entirely sex- inspired set." - The Music

"To say they (Death By Denim) commanded the audience's attention would be a great understatement. A versatile arrangement of their songs with the most insane bass riffs had the crowd jumping. My partner turned to me and said it was "straight off a Guitar Hero track list" and I was left almost worried that they might overshadow the main artist (Morgan Bain) of the night." - Avenoir