Dave Mann Collective

Dave Mann Collective (WA)

Friday 23rd December, 9pm. Free Entry

Charismatic and dynamic, with a voice that can melt steel, shatter glass, wake the dead and make a pensioner dream of their first love, Dave Mann is a towering presence. Seamlessly morphing from folk singer to rock star via blistering blues and riotous roots, Dave performs with musical virtuosity and utter sincerity. The songs are timeless, heartfelt classics ranging from history to heartbreak and showing a love for family, this planet and it's people that is breathtaking and inspirational.

Combined years of experience together with new songs, amazing energy and outrageous enthusiasm makes for an incredible show - that takes the audience from wonderland to partyland in a few crowded hours.

Dave has supported artists such as Jeff Martin (The Tea Party),The Whitlam's, Shane Howard and Neil Murray, Pete Murray, The Cat Empire, Eric Bibb, Thirsty Merc, Jeff Lang, Diesel and Lior.

Dave Mann Collective has also played major Australian festivals including the West Coast Blues And Roots, Port Fairy, Fairbridge, Nannup, Blues at Bridgetown, Folk Rhythm & Life and Peat's Ridge to name but a few.