CrashCreole & the Beehive Go-Go Girls

CrashCreole Settlers Tavern Promo

Friday 4th October, 9:30pm. Free Entry.

Rock'n'Roll , Rockabilly, Garage Go Go. CrashCreole, isa three piece with stalwart WA music identity Graham Johnson on drums, young gun virtuoso Kieran Barnes on upright bass, and crusty salt dog rocker Mat Bob Creole on guitar and vox. The last year has seen CrashCreole gel into a tight upbeat unit with the current line up, with the heart and soul of the act planted firmly in the 40's jump blues, 50s rockabilly, soul, surf and rock of the 60s, and the Neo billy, revival and blues/boogie of the 80s and 90s. Our original tunes also feature these influences and we are forever in pursuit of the evolution of good old roots rock'n'roll. YoWza!! the BeeHive GoGos are a collection of rad & just a bit sexy dancers. From the Rock'n'Roll art bars of Japan to the underground retro scene and fringe festivals of Oz, the Beehives are revered as the beautiful sirens of the dancefloor who specialise in being fabulous ,and we will be graced with their hypnotic, gyrating presence for Freak Flag FridaY!!!