Cabin Fever - Settlers Tavern Carpark Collective

Cabin Fever

Sunday 23rd July, 11 - 5pm. Free Entry

Settlers Tavern Carpark Collective

In the heart of Margaret River is the FREE entry all day festival finale of Cabin Fever 2017. It is about good vibes, a great feast and coming together with friends. Carpark Collective will morph the Tav into an indoor, outdoor multi staged live entertainment event of warm winter proportions never yet experienced.

A collaboration of Margaret River's heart and soul will fire things up with full blooded flavours, local hearty craft beers, woollen beanie wearing muso's, world class wine, smoking BBQ's and an all day music line-up paying tribute to Settlers live music roots. Bust out, meet friends and warm up at the Settlers Tavern Carpark Collective.