Blue Child Collective

Blue Child Collective (WA)

Friday 30th December, 9pm. Free entry

Originally a blues-jazz-folk-funk musician from oceanside Western Australia, Blue Child's smooth, earthy sounds conjure an easy flowing positive vibe from a well travelled man of the sea.

From raging rhythmic grooves to bluesy licks and ethereal trips, this is music with purpose, reminding us that we're all just children of this little blue planet, life is simple and connection essential, a theme which is evident in his thought provoking lyrics and engrossing live performances.

With 2 EPs released in 2015 and the Collective's debut album, "Saturn Saw The Seaside", recorded in Corsica, France while on tour just released in Sept 2016, Blue Child Collective continues to tour regionally and internationally in order to share the love and connect the dots.

With 2 regional ventures in WA, a 3 month stint in Europe and another 3 month, 44 date Australian Tour to promote the release of SSTS so far this year, backed up by regular national and international touring since 2014, Blue Child Collective attracts artists of all forms worldwide to offer up engaging, thought provoking shows and artworks with flavours from many backgrounds in order to showcase the oneness of art, humanity and the universe as a whole.

Having supported major touring acts such as The Cat Empire, Sticky Fingers, OKA, Jean Menconi, Band Of Frequencies, Declan Kelly & The Rising Sun and many more, Blue Child is no stranger to the stage, and intends to continue bringing his vibes to the global community through extensive touring, collaboration and innovation.

Sound is simply one platform on which we can share experience and energy; combine this with art forms from many diverse backgrounds and you give depth to an already infinite source of inspiration. Working with film, photo, graphic and freehand has propelled Blue Child into a wider world of creation, with his first feature film, shot on tour in Europe mid 2015, released on the big screen in April this year, and his next - the making of Blue Child Collective's debut album - to follow in early 2017. See for some of the latest colabs.

Continuing to grow and evolve as a platform to help facilitate the sharing of art in all its forms, Blue Child Collective is more than just one man and a guitar, but a collective creation contributing to the culture of connection.