Bitter Belief & Rob Shaker


Friday 2nd February, 9:30pm. Free Entry

Bitter Belief is a Musician/Rapper from Perth WA who began writing at the age of 14 where he displayed his love for poetry. However, in the next couple of years he would become somewhat obsessed with 'Hip Hop' and his passion for writing poems transformed into an affinity for writing song lyrics better known to him at the time as 'raps' or 'rhymes.'

Coming into his early teen years Bitter Belief was distracted and lured by negative influences in his life. By the age of 17 he was heavily involved in a life of drugs and crime. The coming years would become a tug-o-war between his misguided street life and his dreams or music ambitions.

He continued to get into trouble but also continued to write and work on his skillset. By the age of 21 he had become so heavily immersed in his craft that his negative influences found themselves in his rear-view and his music career began to gain momentum and take flight. Between the ages of 20-22 he released a collection of 10 mixtapes and flooded the streets of Perth with free copies. At the age of 22 he released his debut album 'Isolation' and made his way onto a majority of hip hop shows in that year. Shortly after, at the age of 23 he was asked by Australian hip hop icon Drapht to join him and his crew for some national tours.

Bitter Belief then finally secured a record deal through Obese Records who distributed his 2nd album 'The Gallery' which sold thousands of copies nationwide and made it to Number 2 on the ITunes music charts.Bitter Belief has continued to release albums over the years and has recently released his new album BEASTMODE which he toured nationally with his sidekick Rob Shaker. Bitter Belief continued to perform on stages across Australia including at the Arias in 2013 which he names as the highlight of his music career.

Rob Shaker is an Australian DJ and has been actively involved with the Australian hip-hop scene since 2000. In 2001, Rob started DJ'ing and making beats live for a group called "Full Proof", with AMC and Grims, and later formed a group in 2004 with Squared and Wolverine called "Figures of Speech". Their first album was released in 2005 entitled "Roll of the Dice".

In 2003, Rob completed an Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering at SAE, and later that year got his first DJ and promotions job at the "Sapphire Bar" in Subiaco where many local hip-hop and breaks artists were playing. Since 2003, Rob has technical and production discography of 63 individual projects; 40 of which have been in the last 2 years! He has competed in the annual production competition "The Beatdown" since its inception in 2007 and finally won the competition in 2012. Since 2006 Shaker has actively promoted shows for acts from interstate and abroad bringing many iconic acts to the masses in Western Australia.

In 2012 and 2013 Rob won the OzHipHopawards for "Head of State WA" (editor's note: WA = Western Australia) and in 2013 he also took out best DJ.

As a DJ or turntablist, Rob has done live work with dozens of MC's from around the country including Drapht, Mr. Grevis, Bitter Belief, Bias B, Reason, Maggot Mouf, Bigfoot, Tuka & Ellesquire, Ozi Battla, Grey Ghost, Optamus and many more. Shaker has become a professional musician since 2011 with work as Drapht's touring DJ, which saw him tour around Australia several times, as well as working from his own studio "Shake Down Studio" recording, mixing, mastering and making beats. Rob has done studio work for artists and features including Bitter Belief, Mr Grevis, Creed Birch, Hyjak, Adam Crook, NFA, Nick Sheppard (The Clash), Seth Sentry, Maundz, Raven, Dazastah, Optamus, Grey Ghost, Layla, Drapht, Downsyde, Hunter, Mortar, Graphic, Tomahawk, The Tongue, Pez, Apathy (US), Mantra, Purpose, Matt Gresham, Illy, Grandmaster Caz (US), Sean Strange (US), Michelob (US), Copywrite (US), RA The Rugged Man (US), Solomon Child (US), Chino XL (US), A.G. (US), The Engineer (Canada), Chase, TY (UK), Sonny Jim (UK) and many others.

Recently, after shopping around for an upgrade to the monitoring setup at "Shake Down Studios", Rob chose the EVE Audio SC407's.

Rob says, "After upgrading to the SC407's I feel like I'm listening to my mixes for the first time. Amazing separation, and stereo imaging and they can reproduce the low end with ease."