Albert Gray


Thursday 1st March, 8:30pm. Free entry.

60's Folk, Southern Rock and Garage blues the vocal prowess of Howlin' Wolf, the guitar shred-ability of Chuck Berry and the lyrical muscle of Steve Earl.

Albert Gray is possibly the most versatile singer songwriter of his age, in Australia. 

Having mastered theoretical drumming by 15 he returned to stringed instruments and began writing songs with a dark poetic flair far beyond the realms of any teen rocker.

Gifted a guitar by John Butler, Albert quickly expanded out of the local Broome scene to play at some of the most prestigious festivals in WA.

He has played with and supported artists such as Missy Higgins, The Waifs, Josh Pyke, Boy and Bear, the list goes on.

Albert's finely crated songs pull you in with strong, elegant melody, and then comes the sudden realisation - you are deep within a dark, emotionally complex world.

Like the works of Woody Gutherie, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell, these songs are not radio flashes, their ideas dig down into human character.

Albert's calm precision on stage reflects the experience of a veteran performer.

Through years of countless gigs he has developed the ability to either whoop crowds into a moshing frenzy or silence them into fascinated captives.