Akova (QLD)

Friday 2nd December, 9pm. Free entry

AKoVA will speak volumes to you

AKoVA believes that wherever your heart is, that's where you'll find your treasure… and audiences all over Australia now know that AKoVA's music comes straight from his heart.

Formerly of Triple J favorites Shoebox, this multi-faceted multi-instrumentalist is one of the most unique performers in Australia. Dubbed by music media as 'The Rhythm King', he enthrals audiences by combining vocals, guitars, ukulele, cajon, djembe, ankle bells and an assortment of other percussive instruments (often all at once!).

AKoVA brings an inspiring vibe to every performance - whether in a café or at a festival. His quirky nature is enticing - an experience for the eyes, feet 'n' soul.

You just cannot help but feel AKoVA's energy lifts the whole audience… and he's always open to a hug or a chat after a show.

AKoVA takes us on a journey that each one of us can relate to in our own way. He's brought people to tears as they listen to his lyrics and ask: "How did he know?"

And yet, defining AKoVA's music is not easy… it's so unique. Everything he is, everything he believes, everything he feels, is delivered through his music. Genre? Try to fit him into one if you can, but there's really no box that can contain him. He can't be pigeon-holed. Alternative Acoustic Roots/Folk/Gypsy/.......

AKoVA touches hearts. His energy in enthralling. His music will consume you and lift you out of your seat.

He sees himself to some extent as a 21st Century Donovan Leitch.

"I've been playing music ever since I was a kid. One day I was driving along with my old man when this song came on the radio… 'Sunshine Superman' by Donovan. That song put me on my path right there and then. Donovan's been a big inspiration ever since.

"Like Donovan, I took the acoustic root. I'm a multi-instrumentalist with no sequences, loops or pedals. I just get a kick out of getting the most sound out of what I can hold at any one time, while singing about what touches me most. It's all about emotion. It's what I see, what I feel and what I've learned. I'm a dreamer not a planner. I just go with the flow. I listen to my gut and follow my intuition. You have to, 'cause life can change in an instant on this crazy journey."

This inability to pigeon-hole AKoVA doesn't concern fans. Conversely, they're intrigued to hear more. That's what happened when he supported great Roots artists Xavier Rudd and Ash Grunwald last year. Both simply wanted to hang and chat with AKoVA after playing, (creating a wonderfully addictive post-concert vibe). Afterwards Ash could only say: "This guy is sic!"

Here's what others in the industry are saying about AKoVA:

"AKoVA's welcoming vibe has a worthy place at 'Summery' festival gatherings universally. He's a natural showman. Any act to get people dancing like no-one's watching is always welcome in this crazy world." - Forte Magazine

"This one man roots machine is adventurous and playful. Bringing the party simply by seeing how much sound he can project." - Benny Doyle, Timeoff

"There's a forgotten bridge between humanity and nature that AKoVA crosses. His music is exemplary of the kind that could be made in modern tribal society, albeit performed by one man." - YAK Magazine

"This music is a unique, profound and heartfelt creation." - Foster Gamble, THRIVE